Our Story

Kim Elliot has been living in County Kerry for nearly 20 years. Originally from the UK, Kim has always enjoyed the experience and taste of buying locally grown salad and vegetables and has always been passionate about supporting local producers and growers.

The idea of the business grew out of family and friends asking her to add their own orders to her list of items that she was buying from local growers in Cahersiveen each week. Kim soon found that the number of orders were growing and she was delivering around the area each Friday -she realised that others love the produce and so the small business of Rocket Deliveries was established. Meeting customers at the market stalls confirmed the demand for the fresh local produce with customers sending testimonials about the taste, quality and their delight with the salad and vegetables.

Why should I choose to buy local produce and why choose Rocket Deliveries?

There are many reasons to choose naturally grown quality produce as when food is grown locally & free from chemicals and pesticides it is simply food as it used to be.  The standard, quality and taste is better when produce is just picked and has not travelled far.  Plus there is a great feeling for the customer knowing that not only are they supporting local business and the local economy, they also know where their food has come from and they may even personally know the grower!

Award winning
Kim receiving Connect Women in Business New Business Award 2018


Plastics and packaging are now a huge problem in the world and buying local means there is no need to wrap/package produce as all produce can be sold in packaging that can be recycled.  Many packaged healthy foods contain chemicals to give them a longer shelf life and buying fresh produce allows the customer to control what they consume.  There is a sense of convenience in the delivering/collection of a weekly vegetable box and many customers have enjoyed the surprise of having a selection of seasonal items that they will use during the week & enjoy the recipes to help them with produce they maybe new to using.

Rocket Deliveries aims to reduce the use of plastic packaging by encouraging customers where possible to return and reuse their vegetable boxes and bring their own bags to the market stall. If Kim uses bags they will be either recycled or bags made from plants that can be reused as caddy liners for composting.

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